Get Past "Survivor Mode" and Start Thriving

Repeatedly going through deeply distressing experiences - such as domestic violence, racism, childhood and/or sexual abuse will leave deep wounds. These injuries show up in the form of negative relationships, emotional breakdowns, aimlessness, intense fear, and even self-loathing. My work aims to support survivors and reverse these effects.

The Healing Process

Clients often walk away from completing therapy with me empowered to design their lives. They shed the shame associated with their trauma by connecting with their intrinsic self-worth. They break the habit of hypervigilant, reactive, and avoidant behaviors that often accompanies trauma. All the while developing a tolerance for joy without sabotage, and existing in the world with a deeper understanding of their values.

My courageous clients develop a healthy way of communicating and relating to those closest to them; while reconnecting with their passion, curiosity, and "play". They gain clarity regarding their life goals, priorities, and beliefs which gives them the power to design their lives

Healing Collective Trauma

Together we will explore how the collective trauma of racism, sexism, and other –isms impact your mental health. We will also explore your different identities (e.g. as gender, race, class) and uncover, challenge, and revise the beliefs that you had to align with in order to safely navigate these structures.

For example, if you have learned that in order to be safe you must give away your power, or, that having extreme control over yourself and others means you can avoid pain, then you understand the power of our environments to shape who we are.

This social justice perspective to counseling not only creates healing but also decreases the likelihood of participation in future abusive environments.

Racial Identity Formation

During this era of Trump and the increased visibility of injustice many black people and people of color are finding it more important than ever to be solid in their racial identity. That means exploring their own internalized oppression, the negative messages that they heard growing up, colorism, and the specific impact that racism has on their mental health. I create a safe space to facilitate this in therapy.

Biracial / Multiracial Identity Development

My work also serves biracial individuals who have parents that are different races (e.g. white identified parent and black identified parent, or asian parent and white parent) and find it hard to navigate the complexities of their racial identity. They have often found it difficult to have conversations about racism with family, felt unsupported in answering tough questions about racism, and felt not quite “enough” of any race to “fit in”. This can be confusing and lonely place to be but you're not alone in the struggle. This can be a confusing and lonely place to be but you're not alone in the struggle. I offer support in the form of a nurturing, supportive environment where we tackle these issues collaboratively and without judgement. So you can develop a strong stable identity.

My Specific Counseling Specialties

My expertise lies in assisting clients in the healing from the effects of the following:

  • Domestic Violence

  • Childhood Abuse

  • Sexual Assault

  • PTSD and Anxiety

  • Racial Trauma

  • Complexities of being Bi-racial

  • Collective Trauma (racism, sexism, classism, etc)

Financial Investment

Each 50 Minute Individual Session is: $150

I do offer a limited number of clients a sliding-scale rate based on income


If your insurance plan reimburses for out-of-network behavioral health or mental health services, our sessions may be partially covered. For out-of-network coverage, clients pay for sessions in full, I then provide them with a monthly invoice that clients submit for reimbursement. If you seek to use this method then please ask your insurance providers if they reimburse for out-of-network behavioral health or mental health services.

Mosaic Counseling Collective

I'm proud to be apart of a collective of counselors that have similar values and mission. Mosaic Counseling Collective is a team of psychotherapists who are social justice-oriented and offer a wide range of treatment approaches. Check us out here:

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