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What I have experienced is the desire to change is always present, but, figuring out how to put what we know into practice can be confusing and overwhelming.

So we get stuck.

That’s why my counseling sessions, healing circle, and speaking content all work to help you get freed.

I want to offer you value so you can restore your power fully.

If you’re in the business of releasing negative energy stored from trauma, practicing radical self love, being joyful, and gaining clarity around how to turn knowledge into ACTION then you’re in good company.


My wish for you is that you not only heal but that you live a life that reflects your brilliance.


Heal From Trauma & Reclaim Your Power

Roots of Restoration

Redesign Your Life with Community


Presentations to Inspire Change

Healing the Healers

Workshops & Coaching Designed for Healers who Serve Trauma Survivors

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